Lorna L. Benbenisty, Ph.D., LLC

Dr. Benbenisty has over thirty years of experience in psychology and speech and language pathology. She earned her Bachelor's degree from Emory University and The George Washington University, a Master's of Science in Speech and Language Pathology from The University of Michigan, and a Doctorate in Psychology from Georgia State University with specialization in the areas of child and family studies and neuropsychology. Since 1988, she has been in private practice as a psychotherapist in the Atlanta area. Her practice is focused on child and adult development, helping individuals, couples, and families reach their potential and find fulfillment in their lives. She has special interests in health related psychological issues (including attention deficit disorders), adjustment issues, and girl's and women's issues. Dr. Benbenisty's practice incorporates systemic, cognitive-behavioral, and psychodynamic approaches. She holds memberships in The Georgia Psychological and The American Psychological Associations.